Twins & a Toddler

Gavin and I have been blessed with the ups and downs of parenthood. We have one beautiful boy, Rowan, and two miracle twin boys, Beckett and Foster. We’ve struggled with tough choices since the start of parenthood and God has been a constant source of light for us.

Our twin boys are Monoamniotic Monochromic, a 1/20,000 chance that affects the entire pregnancy, and one of them has a occipital encephalocele, a 1/12,200 chance. It is even more rare for one baby to have an encephalocele and the other not have it.

Beckett is Baby A and Foster is Baby B with the encephalocele.

It was a difficult choice to post this sort of personal information that has so deeply affected my family on the internet. In the end I believe God wouldn’t want me to keep quiet about the miracles we have experienced.

My purpose, first and foremost is to glorify the Lord with our story and testimony. The second is to give parents going through a similar diagnosis some reference points and encouragement and to keep the many friends and family updated on our boys’ progress.

I do ask that readers would be respectful of my beliefs, respectful of my opinions, and realize that I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. Much of my research is internet based and info my doctors have given me. My spelling isn’t perfect, my sentence structure needs work, and my content is solely my own thoughts and insight. So keep it nice, people.

For updates check the side menu and click on the category you wish to know about. Our goal is not only to give parents facing similar situations some insight, but also to share how God has shown us the light in our darkest hours.