Well You ARE Having Twins…

There’s a process that all my pregnancies go through. I take a test, its positive. YAY! I called my obstetrician and tell them the good news. The receptionist congratulates you and asked standard questions to make sure I wasn’t having immediate issues and then she tried ascertain how far along I was. I excitedly forget all this information while on the phone and hurriedly scrambled to answer the questions that helped them to schedule me in a good spot. No, I wasn’t having any issues. I didn’t exactly know the due date but I had an estimation. Yes April the 18th was perfect. Afternoon, please. Yes that would work. Thank you. Yes, we were very excited. Bye-bye.


After the big day arrived we were called back. My wonderful doctor, who delivered my son two years ago smiled reassuringly. Dr. C asked how I was feeling. I was ok. Simply tired most days and having a little trouble keeping up with the demands of a toddler and a renovation. That was perfectly normal. Make sure to drink plenty of water and try not to wear myself out. The sonogram revealed we weren’t as far along as we thought. Only 6 weeks. Baby looks healthy just too little to hear a heartbeat. Still just a lump with a yolk sac. Come back in two weeks. We’ll know more then.

Everything’s healthy. Feeling sicker as the weeks passed. So very tired. Lots of uncomfortable bloating and morning sickness that lasted all day. Dr. C offered a morning sickness medication specifically for first trimester. The wonder drug. It was time to see if we could hear the babies heartbeat. Dr C pulled out his doppler with the little wand and applied some gel to my belly. Searched around a bit and found a heartbeat. Couldn’t hear it  clearly, which wasn’t unusual this early on. Dr C looked at me and asked if I wanted a sonogram. As a mom, its always exciting to see your baby. No matter what. When I hear the word sonogram I want to savor every second of seeing that little bean. I said a silent prayer as they pulled the portable sonogram into the small clinic room. Just to make myself feel better in case there was something wrong. He set up the sono and I asked Gavin to video it on his phone. I always regretted not having the video to send to my mom and mother in law. I wasn’t going to miss this one. I started babbling. About nothing really, just that my best friend from high school who was four days younger than me was having twins. Twins! Good heavens, that scared me. I was glad we knew already it wasn’t twins. I didn’t think I could handle two babies at once! Dr C moved the wand into place and I didn’t think much of it when he stopped talking. I was talking enough for the both of us. More excited than anything. Gavin stood quietly videoing the screen and the nurse looked at Dr C nervously.

“Well, you ARE having twins.” Dr C said in the most nonchalant tone I had ever heard.

“WHAT? You’re kidding aren’t you. You’re just joking.” I blurted.

Dr C just gave me a look. This man delivered ME 25 years ago. He has delivered over 15,000 babies in his 40 years as a OB in Wichita. And I asked this very sweet and serious doctor if he was joking.

“Well, no I am not joking. See the three lumps there? That is two babies with active heartbeats and their placenta.” Dr C pointed to the machine.


“I knew it. I thought I saw that too but I wasn’t sure.” Gavin supported everything the doctor just said with his opinion. He had already shut down the phone and video, declaring moments ago that it was enough video. I should thank him for not recording the moment the doctor used the T-word. I’m not sure I wanted to remember that moment. My thoughts immediately ran to the amount of diapers twins would require. Of all things, diapers. Oh and the fact that we bought a THREE bedroom home. Not a four.

“Well are you sure?” I asked again in disbelief.

“I’m pretty sure but I could be wrong. I would say about 80% of the time I am wrong. However, we will send you to our more advanced sonographer and her more detailed machine. You’ll know whether or not you are having twins by the end of the visit.” He smiled reassuringly again at me.

“They both look very healthy” He stepped out of the room and his nurse followed, offering their congratulations.

“Twins, Gavin! I mean what the heck do we do with two of them! Maybe he’s wrong.” I began talking myself out of it.

“It’ll be fine either way, Hannah. Don’t stress until we go to the big sonogram.” Gavin laid back in his comfy doctor chair while I pulled my maternity jeans back on. I was officially out of my regular clothes at 8 weeks. That bloaty baby bump wasn’t going down anytime soon.

We followed the nurse back out to the waiting room and she gave me a paper to give to the sonogram tech. I started looking around in the waiting room at the many baby pictures on the walls. Twins spotted the walls here and there. Sigh, two of them. I was not the happiest person in that waiting room for sure. Call it pregnancy hormones but I was sniffling a bit.  How was I supposed to handle this? I could barely handle one toddler. THREE kids was not the plan. We were always planning on two. Hence the three bedroom house. We weren’t supposed to need a fourth bedroom. That wasn’t in the 10 year plan. I didn’t have three hands for kids to hold when we crossed the street. I had two dang it! The nerves started to grate on me and the sonogram tech called us back.

Fast forward to the next big black screen that confirmed Dr C knew what he was talking about. Twins for sure. Identical ones. They shared a placenta. They were definitely identical and identicals are always the same sex. We were having two boys or two girls. The sonogram tech left the room to print out some reports. I pulled my maternity jeans back up once again.

“Gavin, twins.”

“Honey, no matter how many times you say it, there will still be two of them.” Gavin calmly smirked at me.

“Yea but babe, TWINS!” My volume was increasing at an alarming rate. Calm was not in my vocabulary at this point.

I’m not sure how many things ran through my mind at that point but Gavin just gave me a hug and reminded me that God was in charge. Not me. And it was exactly what I needed. I didn’t know how much I would need that reminder over the next month.

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